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Bupropion hcl australia 30:19 I have no idea what this is so I'm just posting it in case. says that "I take a mixture of two 500mg tablets lithium carbonate and two 1500mg tablets of Bupropion (20mg per tablet, each tablet containing 5mg of lithium carbonate and 2mg aripiprazole) once a day with meals." I think thats a little bit too much lithium and may cause over stimulation. If what is in these tablets a combination of lithium and bupropion it would be beneficial. These are two compounds with various pharmacokinetic parameters (toxicity) but they probably wouldn't cause serotonin syndrome since they bupropion online cheap will be quite low. In order to know whether this is right advice, it would be wise to add a couple of hundredmg per day theophylline or an SSRI medication. My question (besides the obvious "what is in them?") whether adding lithium + bupropion to SSRIs can lead mania because the lithium can probably be converted into lithium carbonate and it seems the bupti should actually be converted into lithium carbonate (it has been shown experimentally that, at least when the bupropion is given as a combined treatment together with the lithium, bupropion itself is converted into lithium carbonate). I hope you understand my question. Cheers. Joel http://www.healthylizone.org/resources/articles/lithium.html 31:06 Here is a link to the most recent update of this thread: http://www.healthylizone.org/forums/showthread.php?t=182836 By: John Vibes Published: 10/06/2013 04:18 AM EDT on SPACE.com Astronaut Scott Kelly has returned to Earth after a one-way trip to Mars. For most of the time he was orbiting red planet, Kelly held a special prize in his hand. It was his space hat: a NASA logo-printed, style, "MISSION ALERT" flight cap that has the logo from NASA's Curiosity rover on its brim. As Buzz Aldrin famously said, "it worked," and I'm guessing Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) scientists took the Buy terbinafine pills hat and all its marketing value for the fact that it is a symbol of their mission. It's like the first space helmets ever produced by NASA all rolled up into one. But, of course, there was probably a lot more to that story than that. Kelly actually took the hat to International Space Station (ISS), which is about 200 miles in orbit above the planet and where he landed back on Earth Sunday. The astronaut then carried cap onto the space station and to a landing point close the U.S. space station, Russian and the Chinese space station, Tiangong One. In total, the astronaut was about 400 miles from home when he left on Sunday. [Photos of Mission Control on Mars] One of the most important aspects this mission for science teams is that the spacecraft stays within 50 miles of Earth's atmosphere. Because this close proximity, science teams on the ground don't really have an opportunity to look up at the space station in case anything bad happens to it on the return trip. In addition, the hat was also important for its symbolic value. The hat has an internal camera so scientists can monitor the performance of Kelly Buy viagra japan during his stay in space. addition, Kelly will be collecting scientific samples. NASA gave him a hat to hand out the mission control team during mission. The hat was even delivered to other space agency astronauts on the station to help facilitate their work on own missions. In a press release, NASA explained that because of its special status, the hat was given to Kelly himself, who was able to collect data about his own space capsule from inside it before returning to Earth. The science team was also able to attach a little device for transmitting his data back to Earth. NASA is sending Kelly to Mars spend four months there on a one-way mission. He won't return to Earth until Nov. 19, 2012. [What You See on Mars (Infographic)] The fact that there's an actual NASA insignia on the back of maully should also serve to reassure space enthusiasts across the globe that science does continue on the planet after astronauts leave it. Editor's note: If you snap a great photo of Scott Kelly's Mars hat, or any other cool space-related image, and you'd like to share it for a possible story or image gallery, send photos and comments in to: spacephotos@space.com.

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Views From The Gods, 9th August 2013


4 stars

Oyster Boy, Etcetera Theatre

Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside. It’s a fine British tradition, so what better place to start a story? With the ensemble of Haste Theatre (Sophie Taylor, Elena Costanzi, Jesse Dupré and Elly Beaman-Brinklow) dressed in blue-striped, vintage bathing suits, and music choices including jazz, swing and bluegrass, there’s a distinctly safe 1950s feel to the production. This air of nostalgia instantly puts us in a relaxed mood, after all, nothing bad happened in the good old days, and certainly never at the beach.

It’s an odd choice of opening for an Italian group presenting a story from an American writer/director mostly known for his gothic work. But despite appearances, Oyster Boy retains many of the hallmarks of legendary filmmaker Tim Burton – it’s no charming story for little ‘uns. Ripped from the his 1997 whimsical but dark poetry book The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories, Haste have made the play longer, flesh out the characters, and added a sparkling of lighter, more playful humour. Burton’s darker influence is still very much apparent, though. No one would accuse Burton of being all Disney hearts and flowers, and the ending here isn’t quite as shocking (or as metaphorical and reverse-Oedipal) as his original, but it’s still inescapably bleak.

One sunny day, an Italian ice cream seller called Jim (Valeria Compagnoni) spots a beautiful woman called Alice (Anna Plasberg-Hill), they fall in love, they dine out together on seafood, and nine months later, become parents to a boy called Sam. He has all fingers and toes, but a birth defect in the form of a head shaped like a giant oyster shell. You might expect an Ugly Duckling or Beauty and the Beast turnaround, but poor Sam is destined for a life of ridicule.

The words used are always kept simple – this is a production for kids aged eight-plus after all – presented with nods to Burton’s rhyme scheme. Even when Doctor Plumbcock (Beaman-Brinklow) is trying to bamboozle her assistant (Taylor), the jargon isn’t actually that complex. When Jim initially approaches Alice with whisperings of love, he is talking to her about ice cream, not reciting beautiful poetry. Predominantly in English, there are reference to their Italian background. But if you aren’t multilingual, much of the humour is brought out by the performers’ physicality anyway, you won’t lose much.

The set rather delightfully is contained in several suitcases, so when out come the swathes of material, it feels like a book has been opened and a fantastical world sprung out from the pages. Certainly one brighter and more hopeful than the original – no bad thing, it’s a fine reworking and much of the all-female troupe’s style relies on this effervescence. There’s a touch of magic here.

Sam – or Oyster Boy – is a puppet based on Burton’s own illustrations, a giant closed shell for a head, and a more human-shaped torso, made out of rags. In some ways, a literal sad sack. The performers manipulate the puppet so he walks with his parents, he swims in the sea, tries to befriend other children – Sam is imbued with a persona so clearly that we feel a genuine pang of sadness for he is treated. It’s a much more rough and ready representation of Burton’s vision, as opposed to the most famous – and much more polished – puppets in Henry Selick’s A Nightmare Before Christmas or The Corpse bride. But it works so well precisely because of that.

There’s an undeniable darkness throughout, but the laughs are kept rolling, this an enjoyable black comedy and piece of physical theatre. Plasberg-Hill is wonderfully cast as the sweet, innocent Alice – when we catch a glimpse of her other side, it’s a delicious contrast. And Compagnoni makes a formidable husband, a sympathetic character beaten down by the rest of the world’s cruelty.

It may not be quite as imbued with pathos or delicious irony as Burton’s original, but it’s good to see a company ploughing their own furrow with a wonderfully put together piece. It will undoubtedly enchant the younger audience members while keeping adults equally entertained.