We are committed to making our practice accessible to our audiences and enjoy sharing our skills and methods of devising through our workshop programme. We are keen to engage with a range of different people in a variety of community settings and our workshops can be suited to all, from young to old!


‘[Acting] as different animals helped me to add to my characterisation skills and develop a character’ 


‘Our students had a fantastic experience with Haste Theatre Company’s performance of Oyster Boy and the physical theatre workshop that followed it… It basically helped my students begin to imagine and create in a physical way. It was a tremendously useful and engrossing experience for them. I would definitely recommend it to all drama departments!’

(Baris Celiloglu, Performing Arts Course Leader, Sir George Monoux Sixth Form College) 


Our workshops can be adapted to meet your particular needs and are suitable for both young people and adults. Most often we explore the key rehearsal practices of the European physical theatre tradition. Some of the skills we focus on are:

  • the use of ‘play’ in rehearsal and performance
  • ensemble and chorus work
  • physical characterisation
  • narrative structure
  • devising techniques


Oyster Boy – Schools Project

This project was designed to offer school pupils an insight into our key rehearsal and performance practices. It includes a performance of Oyster Boy and a post-performance skills workshop. We have toured this project to a number of primary schools, secondary schools and colleges across the UK. This project is ongoing – please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will gladly arrange a visit to your school or college.